Grandparents are truly precious to us. This Diwali, shower them with gifts, like gold and silver coins, food hampers, gift vouchers, etc.

Diwali Presents for Grandparents

Diwali is a perfect occasion, not just for rejoicing the victory of good over evil, but also for celebrating our relationships, nurturing new ones, and refreshing old ones. This Diwali, brighten the hearts of your grandparents by presenting them with thoughtful and exclusive presents. Let them know how lucky and truly blessed you feel to have them in your life. Make sure to spent some quality time with your grandparents this Diwali and reminisce about the times you guys have spent together. Relive the old memories of the past Diwalis that you have celebrated with them and present them a Diwali gift that they will be cherished for the rest of their lives as a token of your love and affection. The following section will assist you in deciding the most apt and affectionate gift for them.

Gold and Silver Coins
Instead of going for something hip and trendy, choose to take the traditional route this Diwali. Gift your grandparents with traditional Diwali gifts, which are considered most auspicious and appropriate during the festive season. Gold and silver coins are your pick for the day. They come engraved with images of Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganesha, and many other religious motifs, like Shree, Swastik, etc. These are a must prayer item for the main prayer ceremony of Goddess Lakshmi that is held on the eve of Deepavali. Gold and silver coins are considered harbingers of good fortune and well being.

Food Hampers
These make great Diwali presents for people of all age groups. Diwali food hampers usually include an assortment of different items, ranging from namkeens and traditional sweets to dry fruits and chocolates. However, if your grandparents cannot consume sugar, then make sure that you include sugar-free sweets and cookies instead of the traditional delights. However, prefer to pick up only good quality branded food items for the hamper. Also, the dry fruits used should be raw and not roasted or fried as they carry many unnecessary calories and salt, that can lead to increased levels of blood pressure or cause lots of health issues in the elderly.

Gift Vouchers
These are a great way to gift independence of choosing their own gift. If your grandparents are fit enough to stroll around, you can very well present them gift vouchers from various branded stores. And taking them on a shopping spree to let them purchase anything they require from the store would be a cherry on the cake. Present gift vouchers that can allow them buy a variety of self belongings, ranging from apparels to gadgets. Besides this, you can also present them with travel vouchers, which include travel tickets and accommodation arrangements for them at a holiday retreat of their liking. A relaxing vacation after the hectic Diwali celebrations will definitely seem like a wonderful idea to them.

Handmade Gifts
It is not the price but the effort and emotion that go into a gift that makes it priceless and precious for the receiver. So put in some time and creativity to create exquisite handmade gifts for your adorable grandparents. Craft a scrapbook of old photographs of your pictures with your grandparents and give them interesting captions. Alternatively, you can gift them handmade decorative diyas as well as puja thalis to make this Diwali truly special for them.

Cute Couples Set
Think of the cutest couple that you know and the doting faces of your grandparents are sure to come to your mind. Then, why not gift them something that will celebrates their togetherness this Diwali? Present them a sophisticated couple's watch set, rings, key chains or identical phone covers. The markets are filled with such adorable couple accessories, right from jazzy sunglasses to umbrellas. Make this year's Diwali celebration revolve about them and the light they have brought in your and each family member's life.