Make your wife's Diwali memorable by presenting her some interesting Diwali gifts, such as a weekend getaway, intricate jewelry, etc.

Diwali Presents for Wife

Diwali is the prime and most awaited Hindu festival, celebrated by Hindus around the world. Also known as the "festival of lights", this auspicious festival occurs on Amawasya (no moon day) during the month of October-November. Apart from traditional Diwali prayers and lighting lamps and crackers, exchanging gifts is a customary practice followed on this day. As per folklores, by exchanging gifts and sweets, people exchange merriment and best wishes amongst each other. On this Diwali, astonish your wife by presenting her a unique Diwali gift. If you are running short of Diwali gift ideas for your wife, then this article will surely answer all your queries. To know more about exciting Diwali gift ideas for your wife, read on.

One of the most endearing and apt Diwali gifts for your wife is a striking piece of jewelry. As a matter of fact, gifting a jewelry item is the safest gift option as every woman loves it. Diwali is believed to be an auspicious time to buy jewelry, especially gold or silver. It is taken as a good omen that brings prosperity to the home. During the festive season, you get a plethora of jewelry items like neck pieces, bracelets, rings, earrings, anklets, etc. However, before choosing any among them, you should have a little idea about you wife's choice and style, and pick up jewelry accordingly. And for that jaw-dropping expression on your wife's face, you can gift diamond jewelry as a Diwali gift.

Weekend Getaway
Want to present your wife a unique Diwali gift, this year? Taking her for a surprise weekend vacation would be just perfect. For a wife, her husband's time and care is much more special than any materialistic gift. So, giving her a couple's voucher of weekend holiday to any nearest resort or amusement place would delight her. In addition, to make it more exceptional, you can take her to her favorite holiday spot or a place where she had always wanted to be, like an abroad trip, destination tour, etc. However, it all depends on your spending budget as well as time that you can spare to make your wife's Diwali a memorable one.

Spa Gift Certificate
Diwali is the time for everyone to celebrate and relax, then why can't a wife get some relaxation? This Diwali, present your wife a spa gift certificate in order to let her relax and rejuvenate her senses. The best thing about giving a gift certificate for spa services is that it can either be a reasonably priced gift or a very lavish one. No matter how much you choose to spend on it, she will feel pampered and appreciated. However, if you cannot afford the whole package, then you can buy her a gift certificate for a pedicure or a combo of manicure and pedicure or any specific beauty treatment that she likes.

Home Decor Items
On Diwali, people decorate their homes with different types of decorative items and diyas. Thus, presenting classic and stylish home decor items will surely make a perfect Diwali gift for your beloved wife. You can either select any of the decor items of your choice or get her something that she wanted to get since a long time to decorate the home. Some popular home decor choices that you can give a thought include metal wall arts, wall decorations, ceramic and glass vases, tapestries, exclusive paintings of her choice, framed art, sculptures, etc.

Festive Gift Hampers
On this blissful occasion of Diwali, convey your love and affection to your wife through beautiful and festive gift hampers. In fact, nothing could be more satisfying than a gift hamper which is loaded with her favorite gift items. A special gift hamper could contain her favorite chocolates, scrumptious cakes (or assorted cup cakes), bunch of striking flowers, dress material, aromatic perfumes, beauty products, etc. There is a wide range of standard festive gift baskets available in the market, but to make it more special, you can handpick her favorite items and pack it yourself.